Commissioning bots (Roblox Api, Discord, Http Servers)


About Me

Hello. I am DevKurka - Roblox programmer that has experience in both Lua programming and web programming. I do currently have commissions opened for customly made bots with dedicated library.

I’ve been on Roblox for more than 7 years. Programming is my passion and was part of my life since I was 6 years old. Currently I am very advanced and similiar with many programming languages such as JavaScript and Lua. I do Object Oriented Programming and am always figuring to find the most efficient solution.


You can check up my previous projects:


Prices are negotiable, I accept Robux / PayPal. Standard ranges are 5k R$ - 20k R$ (17,5$ - 70$) depending on features.


I may also create a http servers or discord bots. Price is individually discussed then.


Feel free to contact me via Discord ( DevKurka#5869 ) or Twitter ( ). I may also share information about exact features I have already worked on there.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Is possible to pay you to create php bots just to help my team to code how to log in with the right token and be able to use apis like this?

I know that its better javascript and heroku, its just that I want to pay a website host and have an api easier


It is possible , but there are few tips from me about doing that, cause I was messing using that in the past.

It is always better to buy a VPS server cause you know what you are standing on. The most of website hosts have limitted PHP concurrent scripts amount (for example website hosted on hostinger will break if you do run script 5 times in one time).

In your own server (VPS) you always have right to disable these limits or set higher.

Running a bot on PHP will be also slower and will require some more mess.

TL;DR I can do this for you, but it can break fastly due to hosting limits or others (described above). To the most of my customers I always offer hosting on my VPS for small fee. So maybe that would be a solution.


Vouch :+1:

He works fast

He’s easy to communicate with

He’s skilled

His price is reasonable


Now, VPS is pricey nowadays, worth it - very worth it; but pricey… And sometimes not affordable for people.

Nevertheless, I do not recommend PHP @phoca because of how limited the service of PHP as seen in @DevKurka’s reply. You can only run around 20 concurrent uses before the bot shuts itself. If you want consistency, make sure to be able to afford a long-term VPS service w/ PMS.

Other than that, I respect anyone in this field of work and I wish you success in your endeavors DevKurka.


Well that price varies on the performance you want based on the request rates and rate limiting. Any one bot can be host generously for $5-10 a month for a group on its own with large play sessions that send out request.


I’d love to find a decent VPS that ranges between 5~10$.


Well. I have been proposing to my customers hosting for 2k R$ monthlu if person doesn’t have anything to run the bot. Always a solution. :man_shrugging:


Google Cloud or OVH ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Digital Ocean is a good option if you want scalability and reliability. It takes a bit to get set up, especially if you want to add contributors, which require SSH configurations to be set up correctly so that each comtributor can correctly pull, push, and commit changes. If you aren’t big into that I suggest Heroku.

Heroku can be very easily used to deploy apps quickly, the only downside is that if you don’t have a credit/debit card to verify your account with, you can’t get 24/7 uptime for your app. It is free though and you can technically have an up running forever for free, so that’s a massive plus.


Great worker, also has great prices.

DevKurka managed to make a bot for my group that promotes people when they buy our uniform. He always made it so that the bot deletes spam on the group wall, as well as other very cool things. If I were you, I would definitely hire him to work for you.