Commissions, as a Gfx Artist

I have been a Gfx artist for roblox now for over a year and Below are some of my showcase artworks.

Though I get a desirable amount of commissions with gfx, they are still debatably unusual.

All reviews and comments on my Gfx are helpful :happy3:
All suggestions on how to accomplish the goal are welcome.
As of now I am an Artist for hire looking for:

  1. Achievement Goal: A stable and Healthy salary [Monthly/Weekly Robux commissions]

  2. Issue: Currently working solo. Gfx requests arent regular

  3. I have tried to advertise work in different games but not much difference


I like the second and fourth one a lot. I don’t know what the second one is, but it looks really cool, and the lighting is really nice for the fourth one. I like what you did with the vignette and how the light shines through the jetski.

Some feedback I have for you is that for your subject(s) pieces, I’d recommend experimenting more with angles, particularly ones where it emphasizes one subject more than the other. This imbalance will add a lot more depth into your work. You could place the camera lower towards the ground looking up towards the characters. It creates a menacing angle that I think fits the concept of your work very well. Even just moving the camera a bit closer towards the soldier in the front, for instance, can make your gfx a lot more interesting!

Also find a good editing software to add more effects and get interesting fonts! There are some free options out there (don’t know if it’ll censor here if I name them) that do the job that I myself like to use. I don’t know whether you’ve found one already as I see effects in the 5th gfx but not the others.

Finally, add a watermark! You don’t want your work to get stolen :frowning:

As for your goal, I have no idea how to help as I’ve never set up commissions :laughing: Good luck with it though!