(COMMISSIONS CLOSED) GFX and 2D artist for hire!

Hello there! I’m opening up commissions as a GFX and 2D artist.

Here are some examples of my art and my prices:

GFX (100 Robux per GFX)

Clothing (50 Robux for a pair of pants, and 50 Robux for a shirt.)

I don’t really have a certain time of day when I’m available because my schedule varies from day to day, but you have the best chances of contacting me from about 12 PM to 6PM.

If you want to buy one of my commissions, dm me, and I’ll send you the shirt you’ll have to purchase.

Also, give me at least a week to finish a commission. Sometimes I’m busy and I can’t instantly work on the commission.
Contact me:

You can contact me either through Twitter (@jlenflo), or you can contact me on Discord, Jlenflo#3632.

If you read through this entire thing, thank you for reading my portfolio!


I might hire you soon!

contact me on @DevMaxRBLX on twitter!



This is wayyyyy too cheap. Raise your prices.


It’s cheap right now because I’m just starting commissions, the portfolio isn’t nearly finished, and my GFX needs a bit more practice. Thanks for the compliment though!

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I can’t dm you, you need to open your dms.

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What is your twitter?

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My Twitter username is @jlenflo

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I dm’ed you on twitter! my username on twitter: @_adamsstuff


Very good artist, I hired her and I got an absolute good art! I highly recommend her.


Your prices are waaaaaay too cheap for the quality you offer.


Hey, I direct messaged’ you on twitter inquiring about style 5, bustshot.


(Update) Commissions are now open, however the Devforum profile needs an update when it comes to the styles I provide and commissions are also currently full.

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(Update) Commissions are open again!
Prices have been raised and some styles are slightly overpriced due to the fact I’m busy with school.
I’ve added a new style called style 6.
More examples have been added to the portfolio.

I would like to hire you, dm me for details on discord at Infrar#3439

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Great work, done quickly, and reasonable prices, I recommended @jlenflo.

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Hey I’m super interested in hiring you, please add me on discord. Rahbar#6666