[COMMISSIONS CLOSED] Raymond_Law - Intermediate scripter, builder, UI designer, map designer, and more!

About Me

Hey! I’m Raymond_Law and I’ve been developing for about 2 years. I’m mainly a scripter and UI designer, but I also dabble in Building, Map Design, and a few others! My specialty is making anything police or city-roleplay related, so if you need anything realistic or for a city/police roleplay game, I’m perfect for the job!

What can I make?

  • Builds/Map Design: I specialize in replicating buildings, given a reference, but I also do road design (for all you city-roleplayers out there, I’m your guy!), and really just any realistic build. I base many of my builds off of IRL buildings in google maps. I’m open to try building other themes as well but mainly I do city or IRL-themed builds.
  • Scripting: I can script pretty much anything as long as it’s not too difficult. I cannot do Advanced Cframe, Raycasting, or Vehicle Chassises
  • GUI: I only make pretty simple, but nice-looking GUI’s, nothing too advanced as well. I make my UI’s from studio, so it can be very limited in complexity.
  • GFX: Similar to terrain, I only dabble in this. I do pretty basic GFX, looks nice but isn’t anything advanced. I do not know how to use photoshop.

Past work

You can view my current ongoing project here; [SJ] City of San Jose Test Place - Roblox
and most of my past work here;
past work - Google Docs
Both links contain quite a bit of my past work, but I can dig a bit more to find some other stuff if you want me to.


I am available pretty much every day for 6+ hours. My timezone is PST, so you can expect a pretty fast response time


I prefer upfront payment-per-asset, and I accept robux through gamepass, group funds, or any other method. If you choose gamepass, you’ll have to pay the tax on it. I also accept USD through PayPal. My prices depend on the difficulty of the commission, but I usually only charge anywhere from 100-1000 robux OR the equivalent in USD. I will only take percentage if you have proof of funds or a clear evidence that your group will not flop, or some other way to prove that it will not be a waste of my time.

Contact Information

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at raymonoodles#0150.

I’m fairly new to the DevForum so I apologize for any formatting errors.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: