Commissions Database

Hello, there I figured ill share one of my creations that could be very useful to a bunch of you!.

So what is this? Well, I call it the Commission Database its a system inside of an Experience where you can create files, view files, edit files. there is also a plugin version
Files store information such as Commission price, Commission Progress, Client information, and more.

This can be very useful to anyone who does commissions whether it Building, Scripting, Animating, Or anything else.

Here are some videos of the system from my twitter
Keep in mind these videos are no in order and bugs have been fixed and things have changed.

Example of how the file sorting works
Example of how you can Edit, Create a file, and how you cannot name 2 files the same thing
Creating/Editing a file

Picture of the file view

You can use the system here
You can download the plugin that works the same as the game here
Since this is free if you would like to donate you can here all donations help


Really nice! But why would this be in a roblox experience?

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Where else would I put it? Right now people join the Experience and have access to the latest version of the Datastore.

I’m pretty sure you can’t say Client’s Discord as discord is 13+

This is cool but a lot of people don’t want to join a Roblox game to view your assets. Additionally this doesn’t seem any easier than listing down the information on your portfolio like this:

Example File

Robux Cost: 10,000
Client: ROBLOX
Status: Completed

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Yes of course you can just write your commissions down in a note file but this just makes it seem a bit more organized no one needs to use this

You could make a plugin possibly?

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true maybe ill look into making it a plugin in the future


I have turned this into a plugin you can get it here

Why not just implement it into Discord, this would be much easier to track without having to join a game every time and check and instead just use a bot.