[Commissions open] GFXMachine | Graphic Designer

About Me

Hello! My name is GFXMachine and I’ve been working on renders/graphics for 4 years and counting! I’ve been using Blender ever since and got into heavy Photoshop work a while back.


You can view my ArtStation portfolio here: https://artstation.com/mohammed_a03

Here are some examples of my work


I am available everyday until the summer ends. Online school for me is ending very soon and I am able to work any time.


Prices for thumbnails are $15 and for text banners is $8. My preferred payment method is through PayPal. We can also sort out a payment of Robux, however this is no set price for Robux.


You can contact me through Twitter and Discord. Reading messages here won’t be guaranteed so messaging me on either of those are preferred.

Discord: gfxmachine#0012
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFXMachine

Thank you for reading! :smiley:


One of the top graphic designer’s on the platform. I would implore you to purchase any and all work you require from him at a moment’s notice.


I recommend purchasing from GFXMachine, an affordable high quality designer! All of his works are exquisite material.


I recommend buying from him, one of the top 3d renderers on the platform and is also quite affordable.


Top quality work, I highly advise hiring GFXMachine; unbeatable quality at unbeatable prices.


Awesome designs! Can you link those contact information pieces :slight_smile:

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Oh my goodness, I actually cannot believe I forgot that, thank you for pointing it out!

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I liked the 2nd one gfx. :grinning:

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All of these works made by him are gorgeous. I would recommend buying from that.

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Awesome!! The scenes are beautiful. Can’t get enough of it.

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good art . good art . good art .

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