(Commissions Open) Making Art for Profile Pictures and more!

  • Salutations! My name is Propqity. I make art for your beautiful avatar’s. If you would like to Commission me, DM me on Discord (Propqity#1545)!


The Payment is going to be through the shirt I made. If you want to Commission me DM me on Discord (Propqity#1545). All kinds of size and stuff will be the same price.


Very nice and good job :slight_smile:

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Great job! Though I would recommend using more lighting effects and more dynamic backgrounds instead of a single color or some grass or the front page, but a great start!

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Really cool!

A few things I would like to comment on:

The section headers for payment and artworks are really really gigantic, but other than that its really good.
I also thought you could’ve done a little more explaining about your payment and contacts.

Keep up the good work!

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dang it im poor on roblox and cant afford some art

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