[Commissions Open] NorthEternal | GFX Portfolio

I am North, and I do 3D GFX. In real life, I am a boring Law student that will steal your soul. I’ve worked with creators that have millions of visits and tens of thousands of group members.

With your permission, I’d love to use commission work as a part of my portfolio!

If a piece is labelled as being a personal work, it is most likely available to buy as a pre-made piece. This carries a 25% discount compared to made-to-order commissions.

Thumbnails / Full Renders

Commission for Military Warfare Tycoon.

Personal work.

Personal work.

Personal work.

Personal work.

Personal work, made exclusively to showcase 3D clothing.

Personal work.

Personal work.

Personal work.

Behold, the Dark Lord cometh.


Unused version of a commission piece.

Personal work, doubling as satire.

Personal work.

Commission piece.


Ads may not fully display due to their aspect ratios. Click them to see the full versions!

Personal work.

Personal work.

Commission for a ninja-themed obby game.

Commission for a game called Admin Abuse.

I am available each day, with the amount of time I am available being dependant on the amount of coursework that I have at the time.

Commission Sheet

Accessible Text Version


  • For thumbnails, the base price is :robux_light: 10,000.
  • For icons, the base price is :robux_light: 6,000, or free if it is simply a cropped version of the thumbnail.
  • For advertisements, the base price is :robux_light: 6,000.


  • For thumbnails, the base price is £30.
  • For icons, the base price is £17, or free if it is simply a cropped version of the thumbnail.
  • For advertisements, the base price is £17.

These prices are representative of what I would receive as remuneration. Roblox’s market fee (such as through the shirt payment method, but not the group payout method), and any other fees for real currency transactions, should be covered.

Click here to see frequently asked questions.

Do you do profile pictures?
Yes! Though, I will say that I think 2D illustrations are better suited for those.

Do you do UI design?
Not usually.

What hardware do you use?

  • AMD Ryzen R9 3900X, 12 core 3.8GHz base clock, 4.6GHz boost clock.
  • AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary Edition.
  • 32GB 3200MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX Black RAM.

What software do you use?
I use Cinema4D, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop.

Do you accept percentage payments?
Only if the game has proven, already, to be successful at profiting.

You’re a law student! Can you help me write up a contract?
I can have a brief look at certain things if you want. You would be better off contacting a local lawyer.

Can you teach me to create GFX?
I can point you in the right direction, but I find it is always best if people develop at their own pace, through self-teaching and trial and error.

You can contact me through a message on this forum, or:
Email: NorthEternalGFX@gmail.com
Discord: North#0001
Twitter: @NorthEternalGFX


North made my group gfx. She is a really good artist. If you want good gfx I recommend purchasing from North. :smile: :heart: :100:


I have added a few new examples to my showcase, including an example of low-poly landscape design and rendering.


Looks really good, really good.

Seems affordable,

Best of luck!


Looks great, I am interested in this for a future project of mine.

I have added you on discord under the named wurzt.


Wow, this is a very well made portfolio. Can tell a lot of work was put into creating it. A long with your showcase, every piece is amazing and unique.


I highly recommend this portfolio to many people. You have a professional outlook to your portfolio, I believe you could take your skills to the next level.


Thank you, and thanks to all others for your kind words! I was hoping to make the portfolio have a professional aesthetic to it, and I am glad that it has hit that mark.

I am uncertain as to the pricing of commissions: Does it seem to make sense where it is right now, or should it be changed?

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North is easy to talk to, very professional and on point with details. Definitely recommend this guy!


North is finishing up my gfx. North maintains quality while having a creative mind. If you want good priced high quality gfx ask north.

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North completed my game icon and did it pretty well. Recommend ordering from North.


What font is that? I love it! Very nice font.


Its Abolition! I love it too!



The font I used for the headers in this portfolio is Acier BAT, specifically the Acier BAT Noir variant. :smile:

Very nice work. I sent you a friend request, Swift#3113.

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They look really good

And the Price is amazing

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Highly recommended.

Did a very solid job for my project very recently. Very fast as well to be honest and reasonable prices!

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Good work!

Are you up to do a meme-themed group logo?

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Mmmm, You’re really talented. Keep it up!

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Sure! Apologies for a bit of a slow reply, I have been working on my jurisprudence coursework.

If the memes are sufficiently dank, then the answer is especially yes! You can contact me directly through direct message on this forum or North#5555 on Discord.

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