[COMMISSIONS OPEN] Professional Builder / Scripter

Hello! I am a builder & Scripter with experience of approximately 4 years, I take care in all my builds and always build them to the customers needs and wishes. I take commissions but am fond of working Full Time.

Previous jobs:

  • Developer for ‘Evenss’
  • Small jobs for Cafes

Build Work


Terrain For A Homestore

Merch Store For Cafe

A Post Office front


Cooking System


Food Ordering System

ezgif.com-crop (1)

UI Design

UI’s Made For A Homestore


I’m available for 2-5 hours daily (for projects) but available all day for queries. I’m in the time zone BST.

I accept all kinds of payments; USD/GBP, Group Payouts or Percentage ( dependant on percentage)


  • Calculated using Rate= Size + Style + Complexity.

Small Building(s)
Medium Building(s)/Complex

Low Poly

Mass detail(s)

Scripting is added if needed or requested


  • Cooking system for restaurants/cafes
    Amount of items x 125R$ + 1200R$ Scripting.

  • Ordering System for restaurants/cafes.
    Amount of items x 50R$ + 750R$ Scripting

Discord - sapnu puas #8258
Twitter - @bearbly1
Roblox - @bearbly



I’m interested. But it seems like your discord tag is working.

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Hey pal! I’ve recently updated the topic with the new discord tag, reply if you need any more help.

Hello! I am willing to hire for IOOk! Add me on discord. SignsDev7382

Great! I’ve sent a friend request.

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Commissions are still open so come message me on discord!

Hello :wave:, I sent a friend request through discord. I’d like to know more about this cooking system and what else you can do other than the pizza in a oven example

Great! Accepted! 30 char 30char

Hi! I’m was wondering if you could create a UI in my homestore (music button, info, etc). I tried to friend you on discord so we could discuss further details, but your tag isn’t working.
audrey ୨୧#9338

Hello, I’m interested and would like to discuss further on Discord - add me as your tag isn’t working.
Discord: Calt_devs the science guy#0001

I’m interested in working with you, my discord is Centvy#7400

Yours didn’t seem to work. :slight_smile:

30char 30char 30 char 30 char 30char 30char 30char

Updated my discord tag, try again

Your discord tag seems invalid mine is T.o.p#2971

Interested, please add me on discord. Trillx#0001

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