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about me

Hi there! I am offering my services as Modeler. I specialize as Gun Modeler. I have been modeling for 3 months with Blender and I make Commissions. For now im not looking for people that want hire me as Modeler, but im sure in the future there will be a situation.


► Rifles
► Sidearms
► Melee
► Explosives
► Buildings

You can find my Collection Portfolio by visiting my Twitter Profile, I suggest you to follow me and activate the bell to be notified about new 3D Models added in my Showcase: https://twitter.com/[redacted]


I’m available at least 8 - 10 hours a day, Sunday few. I’m from Italy, so my timezone is GMT+2. The time to finish a 3D Model asked from you depends on what kind of Model you asked to me. Maximum days are 3 days, no over.


As payments i accept Robux or Euros, but i prefer Robux.
Prices of my 3D Models aren’t so HIGH, they don’t goes over 1.000 Robux. In this stage im making discounts on my 3D Models.


Here’s all my Social Network Profiles where you can contact me:
► Twitter - @[redacted]RBLX
► Telegram - @[redacted]TG
► Discord - [redacted]#6797

I’m always available, for any Question or Commission you can ask them in to my Social Networks Profiles, my DM is open for all.
Thanks for Reading!

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hey i cannot open the navigation arrow on your showcase section. can you show us your showcase?

Hi, thank you for this feedback, I’ve shared a link about my Portfolio, you can take a look about all my Models there, if you didn’t see that im gonna share it down here.

Portfolio: https://sketchfab.com/[redacted]/collections

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