Commissions Policy

Hi, before I get started with the commission, there are a few rules that I’m going to set in place.

1: To ensure the transaction is completely secure, I will do the commission and then show concrete proof. This can be whether publishing the game for you to test, or a video. After, you will pay and I will send you the file or install it into your game. If you are not willing to proceed with this method, then I will not work with you.

2: There will be no more or no less content to be added to the list of things I need to do for the commission after you completely state everything that needs to be done when we first meet. I will not do anything else that is not already included in the original list so make sure you have everything 100% planned out. However, I am willing to make small changes to anything if you’d like.

3: If you are paying real currency, I am only accepting PayPal as payment. If you are paying with Robux, I am only accepting payment in the form of a T-Shirt/Gamepass including or excluding tax is your preference.

4: If these rules are not followed, the commission will be cut immediately.