Commit Drafts from Publish Dialog

As a Roblox developer, it is currently cumbersome to publish when using drafts. When I have uncommited drafts and try to publish my game, I get this dialog

Which is not helpful when trying to test things online quickly. Once I see this dialog, I know I have to close it and open the Drafts window just to make sure everything is committed.

This window should have the same comparing, discarding and committing functionality as the normal Drafts window.


I support this! I was originally going to make a duplicate topic and found this before making it, as a developer and scripter that is annoying by the dialog not having some sort of button or overwriting the Publish button that won’t commit all the scripts inside of Roblox Studio.

At the moment, it is a bit challenging and difficult to commit scripts whenever you forget to commit or don’t have the tab open during team create and forgetting to commit which wastes a lot of time for you and the team to safely and have extra time inside studio. For me, it’s challenging to have to cancel my publishing and commit scripts in a different tabs at once.

In a future and current game of mine, I have a lot of scripts ranging from all kinds such as a LocalScript or Script to edit and make for certain objectives and system(s).

^ Having the dialog button and a extra that tells you to commit these scripts or overwrite the Publish button to automatically commit these scripts or a separated button would make things a lot whole easier and convenient for me and my team to publish with ease.