[COMMS CLOSED] 3D Environment Artist, PBR Texture Artist, and Terrain Artist Portfolio

About Me

I make stuff. Stuff includes environments, natural and manmade. Textures for stuff. Props, melee weapons, etc. I’ve been blendering for over 2 years now. My studio experience dates all the way back to 2016, however I only really started picking things up in 2019. I started with building, however Studio is honestly a pain to work with and was really slowing down my workflow. This is where I started touching blender. Ever since that I have been studying the workflows of various game development studios, which has taught me a lot of tricks and knowledge about optimization.


My PBR testing place; pbr testing - Roblox
Forest showcase; hangout in the forest SHOWCASE - Roblox

Alien Planet

Forest Showcase

Brutalist Hall with some spicy lighting

Brutalism-inspired build

Various PBR textures I made (made the models too except from the plane)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via discord - .marbleLS400#7777

P.S. My main roblox account is Fluxzion.