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This discord is for anyone who wants to be part of a group that is currently a manager and seeking advice or wants to learn to be a how to be a better a manager and even find more tools and resources.

I’m making this discord to help give Team Leaders have a place to go for help. There has always been a place for builders, scripters, and artists to go to and get feedback from their peers.

Sadly, there are not a lot of places the leader can go when he can’t decide who he should hire if he should fire someone, how to go about paying his team, or how to use the software he’s using in a Roblox team perspective.

There are a lot of people who don’t see the benefit of sharing precious information such as best practices to their “competition” or they simply don’t make time to help people who are struggling.

This behavior causes a ripple effect in our community leading to amazing projects and developers’ efforts failing due to misdirection and can often be the cause of skilled developers leaving the platform.

With the trend of new indie studios from outside of Roblox coming in some people are worried the smaller people will be phased out. The solution I’m offering is to spend more time helping each other improve the foundation for creating successful teams.

In reference to good management, here are a few of my guides on covering leadership:

Guides for Leadership and Management

Project Management with DevOps, Analytics, and Pipelines for Successful Games and Productive Teams

Becoming a Leader for Project Management and Team Building


I’m also put together a template for those who wish to use ClickUp for Project Management; although it is a paid tier to use the forms that are part of the template, it’s still useful. ClickUp is great for Scrum or Scrumban as opposed to using Trello for Kanban.


This template is locked here!

~ TechSpectrum, Court Smith

PS: If this is the wrong topic to post this in let me know (it was hard to find the right place for this).


Not sure this is the right topic, but I am pretty interested. I don’t manage stuff but I do need managers and such.

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Yeah exactly, I’m also confused on where this is appropriate. As for the management needs, yeah it’s hard to find good ones because there’s no real culture of training for good management skills. Cause believe me, it is a trainable skill, but not everyone knows about the methodologies that exist to help them be more efficient and successful.


This could go into #resources:community-resources

And yes clickup is a useful site
I use it to manage my costumers for my ui and such
And it has a built in form maker.


This has been moved to a resources as suggested.

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