Community Guidelines

Last Updated: 9 February 2020

Community Guidelines

The following rules are to be followed by playing in-game, not doing so you are basically breaking the in-game Code of Conduct and you will be probably temporaly banned for not following rules correctly.

  • No spawn killing.

  • Glitching, is a offense do not do it. Example: Glitching into a Correctional HQ or a normal base and getting their clothes and tools.

  • Bypassing is not ALLOWED in any way, it is highly against ROBLOX ToS.

  • Cooldown for breaching prisoner is of 5 mins.

  • Exploiting, using any exploits will get you banned.

  • Ban Evading, making a alternative account or using a friends alternative account to evade the ban from your main account.

  • Breaking the ROBLOX ToS (Terms of Service) and causing a suicidal scene, or trying to bypass the chat filter will result in a ban and a report to ROBLOX.

Staff Rules

  • Grammar is optionally for Cadets, Correctional Officer+ is requested to use grammar while working, staff off-duty may not use grammar. Freel free to use grammar if you want to!

  • Don’t troll, or otherwise set a bad example or ruin others’ fun.

  • Do not ask for promotions.

Admin Rules

Admin Commands can be purchased in our store. The players that buy the Admin Commands are free to do with themselves whatever they want, but you may not abuse your commands with other players.

Moderators & Administrator may not teleport when being on the prison, doing so you will get your powers removed.

Middle Ranks & High Ranks may not use their commands to play with them, and will only be allowed to use them for moderating or dealing situations. Fun commands are against rules.