Community Review on my SCP-002 Containment Chamber

Hey there, Fusioncore21 again with another build submitted to the community to review.
Recently I was working on an SCP-002 containment chamber, along with a connecting cave bit for a bit of ambience and realness.

Cave bit

Yes, I know there are lighting issues in this but that can be fixed later.

Main containment

Main bay

Transfer room

There are definitely bits I could already improve on, such as lighting and little itty bitty details.
I would love any advice you could give, along with a potential price-point if I was to try and sell this.
Thanks in advance,


It is incredible! I really like all the “external” decoration that you made, like the pipes, wires, metal frames, etc…

Many details, I really like it, It’s a good ambience for a cave. I expected to see the SCP but even if it isn’t on the images, it’s so cool.

But I have a question, how would you implement that whole cave into the SCP Facility? I mean, the SCP Facility is something like… modern, with closed spaces. Is the Cave inspired on SCP: Unity?


Not all SCP’s are connected to a site, if you are unfamiliar with the lore, there are multiple sites (there is not just one mega-site), SCP’s can be classified as places, using SCP-002 as an example.
EDIT: Give me a moment to go over the 002 lore to familiarise myself.

EDIT 2: You are correct, 002 is housed within a facility - I believe that hte “cave” doesn’t work as well as you were hoping in this implementation as the SCP facilities are futuristic.


The containment procedures of 002 looks accurate enough. Though the site it is contained it is a bit off.


It is amazing, I would have hired you for my SCP game.

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Wow, just wow! I don’t even have to search for things to improve, it’s perfect! 10/10, keep doing this good work! :clap::clap::clap:

I quite like it! The pipes, fans, rails, etc all add a nice aesthetic to everything.
It actually feels realistic, because a government organization such as the foundation has a limited budget. The containment chamber looks like the typical ‘rushed’ construction you’d see from a government agency who’s goal is to quickly contain an anomalous entity.
While it isn’t exactly canon in the SCP world, I prefer seeing SCP facilities that aren’t insanely high-tech because realistically (in our world), the foundation would have a limited budget and therefore couldn’t construct these insanely futuristic/high-tech facilities.


Indeed it does!
Thanks for the feedback, its nice to get a pat on the back after a long time pondering what will go well with things. I do like exposed rock as it feels more realistic to what people will do, sort of like Old Aperture from Portal 2.

I will just provide the actual image of 002 to reference from. (I am glad you make this, no one really bothers with 002).

And the link to see containment procedures and the site: SCP-002 - SCP Foundation

Also. In the image here, the colours clash A LOT:

I suggest replacing black with Medium Stone (Metal) and the current grey into Dark Stone Grey (Smooth Plastic).

Sorry to be picky but all the doors look plain and bland. I suggest adding detail to the door and door frame.

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The doors don’t look like that. They are simply placeholders. Apart from that colour clashing is something I can fix, thank you!

Really nice SCP game you have there! The lighting looks fine to me. I can’t really think of any improvements you can do.