[Community Rules Clarification] Gift Card / Prize Contests

Disclaimer: Game design is the best topic for this question - it doesn’t fit anywhere else.

I’m in need of clarification of ROBLOX’s community rules surrounding contests and giveaways. Can content creators host free contests in ROBLOX games that award winners with ROBLOX gift cards?

I’ve read the terms of service and community rules - however, this seems to be a very gray area looking at some other studios and contests I’ve seen in the past.

Most notably, the community rules state:

Do not create promotions offering prizes of any sort (including contests, raffles, lotteries, chain letters or any kind of giveaway). It is okay to offer players promo codes for in-game items only so long as they are not in exchange for something (e.g., in exchange for a thumb up on your game).

Third parties sell or provide Game eCards (which are physical cards or digital items that provide a code that you can use to redeem Robux or other virtual items on Roblox). Those Game eCards have their own terms and conditions associated with them. If you want to sell, give away or do anything else with those eCards outside of Roblox (on an external website or social media channel), then we take no position as to those actions. However, we recommend you check the T&Cs of the eCard and place you want to do the action to see if that is allowed.

I have seen giveaways and contests similar many times before, including Wonder Works Studio who gave out over $10000 in cash (not giftcards) to Star Creators and content creators in a tournament for their game.

It is a top priority of mine and the content creator I’m working with the stay in good nature with the ROBLOX community rules - reason for the creation of this post.

Any and all help is appreciated. Happy developing.

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The way I understand it, no this wouldn’t be allowed because it involves using the Roblox website to participate. I’ve seen a lot of these contests too but I’ve also seen bans issued to a couple people who did it repeatedly.

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Roblox gift cards are meant to be gifted. This is fine—the rules say don’t give out Robux directly and specifically allow gift cards.

This does not seem like a gray area to me; it is very clear.