Community Tutorials on Forum are not great! Here's how to fix it!


So the tutorial themselves.

There fine.

The thing is though Idk need 100 topics telling me what I can do to make UI look better.

I suggest a new feature.

The Feature

So when your in the #resources:community-tutorials section where it says new topic beside it is New Suggestion.

Basically here a everyday Roblox dev like you and me would give suggestions.

Like ‘Basics of Sufrace GUI’ or ‘How to use functions?’. Stuff like that. If they dont already exice. Then the player who know this stuff would read your suggestion then from there they would be a post about this suggestion.

Then the name would be the suggestion name and it would immdetly tag the player.

Once the player logs on and sees that his suggestion has been made a topic he can chose the mark it as a solution. Like you would anyother topic but reverse. Only the player who make the SUggestion can mark it as a Solution.

Once the solution is marked the Topic will have a Green Check Mark by it and the suggestion would go way making room for more suggestion.

Why do this?

It make #resources:community-tutorials much more cleaner and easier for players to navigate.

It also give more relvent info and stops things such as ‘How to make good UI’ show up like 30 times.

How to show support?

Show support by replying on why we should have this or why we should not.

Also vote on the poll

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other (Will reply)

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This wouldn’t fix any problems: 30 people would suggest “UI Basics” and 30 people would write about UI basics still.

If there are that many topics with almost exact titles and advice, please flag it as spam.


Why would someone suggest UI Basics if there is already UI Basics?

Why would someone post 20 topics about UI design in the first place (the problem you suggest fixing)?

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That is spoonfeeding and it’s prohibited. At least, such a rule is in place for Scripting Support. Wait until somebody makes a topic about your issue or try to discover a solution yourself.

Also, these “UI Basics” topics all have something different, this seems to be just an excuse.

Finally, this could be a pain to make, otherwise it’d need a separate category (or allow such spammy topics in any category of the forum).

Community tutorials aren’t the only place to learn from, there’s hundreds of yt tutorials, the DevHub, just searching the dev forum and me myself just learnt from messing around with UI inside of studio

Roblox development isn’t going to be a strict schooling, there’s more freedom to learn whatever you want and post to help others. The current system is fine and the scripting tutorials are really useful

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Its a handful of different people with the same thing.


Mostly not.

how is this an excuse?

Its not about UI. There could be tutorials of water.

Of functions.

Maybe people don’t understand from YT.

There’s a reason its Community-Tutorials and not just Tutorials, its provided by the community. Of course its not going to be 100% amazing although some of the tutorials are amazing.

People literally just make a tutorial just because they want other people to try it and improve the dev forum as a community. Its not a job of anyone to do community tutorials, they don’t get paid anything they’re just really generous and spreading their knowledge.

I don’t know why you’re complaining I think we’re lucky to have so many community created tutorials already.

And you can always ask people thats why the Help and Feedback section exists in the first place. You’re literally suggesting a new support section that already exists

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It is an excuse (in my opinion, at least) because you CANNOT back up your claim. Is it worth making this whole thing just for some “UI Basics” posts? I’d also like to learn how this is associated with the main post. If you find a duplicate of any topic, simply flag it. Unlike in other categories, flagging weirdly actually helps here, because Resources doesn’t have as much traffic as categories like Development Discussion. However, there’s always new information in such topics, whether that is simply using a different application or just teaching new tricks.

This appears when you attempt to make a topic in Scripting Support:

I already made it clear enough that I am talking about Scripting Support, because this cannot apply to any other category. I just imagine that this feature will be abused from people that don’t want to violate the rules there.

I also recommend you to avoid assuming ANYTHING. Whenever possible, try to search about such things on the internet. You cannot counter arguments with assumptions.

I don’t see me complaining.

This is the reason I want to make this a feature.

Make something that’s great even better.


I usually don’t understnad YT tutorials. There quite confusing at times.

I think you guys don’t get the point. I made this an example among many.

An excuse to what.

When your mom says do your homework you say no my dog ate it.

Thats an excuse.

What is mine?

I am not saying someone says. “How to make a dragon the has fire coming from its mouth?”

I am saying as a broader category. Like “How to use surface GUI?” “How to use billboard GUI” “How to make tables” “How to use if then staments” “How to make a simple build look awesome”