Comoda Guidebook

Welcome to Comoda!
Comoda is built on the idea of fun, we are here to provide you with fun and a truly unique experience, from the regular mini-games to our customizable ordering system and cooking system. Comoda is truly built for your imagination, fun and best of all community!

This guidebook was created to house all the resources for Comoda and its counterparts things such as promotion guides, alliance requirements can be found here! This guidebook is updated when needed and can be changed at any moment without notice.

Comoda Guidelines

Within Comoda, it is expected that you abide by our given regulations. Comoda enforces regulations such as the ones listed below, for our staff want to ensure what is best for the community. By joining our establishment you are strictly agreeing to all of the following guidelines distributed below. Violation of any regulation at any moment in time within Comoda’s Communications Server will result in just actions against you.

Civility We ask that members and staff alike within our community remain civil and show respectfulness towards one another. We ask of you to respect all genders, race, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and sexualities.

Explicit Content Comoda welcomes no form of explicit, sexual, or inappropriate content. We ask of all civilians within our community to remove yourself from ‘NSFW’ or Not Safe For Work activities to avoid punishments. Content as such will be deleted, as well as the publisher being permanently exiled.

Advertisement of Outside Companies Comoda welcomes no sort of advertisement that is uncorrelated to facilities that have been affiliated with our own. We do encourage you to share our and our affiliate’s community among other individuals, however, we do not condone nor allow unapproved links within our community.

Profanity Usage Within our facilities, no matter of profanity will be accepted. We are a children-friendly establishment and kindly ask of you to utilize friendly and accepting words towards others. Slurs, derogatory comments, and hurtful suggestions will be taken down and be acted against.

Common Sense We ask with goodwill that you act in accordance with our regulations no matter what facility within our establishment you are in. Common sense applies to more than what we have listed as our guidelines, as it can be in form of hundreds of statements. With affection, we ask of our community to use basic human concepts as a form of communication with others involved.

Comoda Affiliations

Alliances are truly a core counterpart in the Food Industry on Roblox, therefore we don’t want to lock down all of the possible potential for all of our new friends out there! Comoda welcome new potential affiliations that meet our requirements, in accordance to our regulations. If your establishment happens to meet the following requirements, feel free to contact a member within the Public Relations department.

  • Your establishment should have a minimum of 100 Roblox members inside of your group.
  • Your establishment should have a minimum of 50 Discord members inside of your server.
  • Free ranking should remain prohibited.
  • Your company should have a good or fair reputation.
  • Your company should follow Comoda’s regulations and Roblox’s ToS.
  • Your company should be willing to announce events within Comoda when asked to.
  • Your company should provide a minimum of 2 or more representatives.
  • Your company should have consistent growth.

Please directly message a member from the Comoda Public Relations department in order to apply. You can find these individual off of our communications server. The question go as follows:

  • What is the name of your establishment?
  • How can you benefit us as an alliance?
  • How can we benefit you as an alliance?
  • What makes you special and or unique to others in the industry you are in?
  • Who will be representing your establishment?
  • Do you agree that we can terminate this alliance for any reason?
  • Do you agree that if we are to change our requirements you will be given 96 hours to meet the new requirements?
Community Outreach

Every other Saturday, Comoda hosts a community newsletter or community outreach in order to provide members the full experience and understanding as to what is occurring right then and there. We cover a bunch of suggestions and what will be happening to them as well as rule changes if any, normally followed after an event. Thus, our community receives more of an intel as to Comoda’s operations.

This is hosted by the Comoda Public Relations department.

Comoda Ban Appeals

If you are prohibited from our server for any reason, utilize this form to ask a revoke. An Employment member will get back to you with whichever conclusion they precisely select. Our requirements go as follows:

  • Your request may take up to 96 hours to review.
  • Trolling or joking of any kind will get your appeal declined.
  • Do not express yourself in a negative way in regards to our company.
  • Reply to the questions as if you mean it. Show sympathy.
  • You may re-appeal after one week after submitting your original ban appeal if declined.

Please directly message a member of the Employment Department to appeal. Using the following questions and format, you may submit your appeal in order to remain unbanned from Comoda:

  • What is your Roblox username?
  • When was this ban distributed to you, and by what moderator?
  • Did this occur in our Roblox group or Discord?
  • Why were you banned?
  • Why do you wish to be unbanned?
  • Can you promise within the foreseeable future to not repeat your offense?

Move to #bulletin-board, not here.