Company Name Poll

Hello, I’m Tal. My team and I our looking to change our studio name, and we actually have a few candidates!

Which of these studio names sounds better, in your opinion?

  • Vuln Entertainment
  • Vuln Studios
  • Vuln
  • Vault Entertainment
  • Vault
  • Other (Please, reply to this topic with your request. It does not need to have the words Vault or Vuln in it.)

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PLEASE NOTE; Our theme is realistic. We specialize in FPS games.

Thanks In Advance,


For those of you wondering, our original name was 'Saudade Studios’, which did not fit. It later transitioned into ‘Vault Studios,’ which was perfect, until we found another company with the exact same name!

I would go with option 2 as i feel like vuln entertainment sounds more like a movie production company, that is my opinion anyways, you do you!

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This doesn’t really belong in Development Discussion. This section is for discussing things related to development, not doing polls on group names. >.>


i came up with this really quickly, its shooting range studios with a GFX of some shooting range where people are firing guns along with the company name.

PS: i chose that because you guys seem to specialize in FPS.

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Vuln Studios has a good flow that basically why I picked it.

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I personally think Vuln Studios because it seems original, and studio-‘s fits well.

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