Company/office simulator idea feedback

Hi devforum users!

So, I want to make an office-type game, where you own a company, and you need to stay making more money than you are spending.

Some features I am planning to add:

  • Hiring & Firing workers
  • Affiliation with other player’s businesses
  • Different types of businesses (bank, convenience store, etc.)
  • Players can buy a gamepass to be able to not own a business and work for a player.
  • You can have multiple locations for your business

Answer these questions in your reply:

  1. What do you think of this idea? What should be changed?

  2. I need a good name for the game, any ideas?

Extra Info:

  • The limit of locations a player can have will be 5 (8 with a gamepass)
  • If a player works for another, the business owner will get revenue/bonuses from them the same amount as if the worker was a NPC
  • Player workers get paid a little bit extra than NPC workers
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If you want a name, here are some tips
• Make a name that is NOT resembling another game
E.g Adopt me – Adopt it
• However, try and make a game that is not Obscure
E.g TheSuper😀resp3ctAble0bby
• Make a name that is kind of short
E.g Super Cool Awesome Fighterz – Cool Fighterz

Name suggestions:
And many more like that

I hope this helps! :smile:


Nice ideas! I will use one of these for the name

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Do you have any idea how to make the whole hire/fire npc system?