Complete Assassin Creed Fan-Made Main Menu

I’ve completed that in like 1.3-2 hours
Any feedback? :slight_smile:


Nice job, its soo cool I want to play the game <3

The labels at the bottom of each section (“single player,” “increase skills,” etc.) are not capitalized. Unless that’s the way it’s done in Assassin’s Creed, I would recommend capitalizing your text.

I’ve never really played Assassin’s Creed (so perhaps my feedback doesn’t mean much), but I will say that overall it looks quite nice. Well done. :+1:

is only a fan made xD no games with that title are in dev

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oh ok srry XDD I didnt see the title

The ‘buy merch’ image looks low quality compared to the others. And, I suggest capitalizing the single player title and other ones it makes it look better.

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Ty for the feedback, i will fix It

Looks good but I don’t know about the font doesn’t really fit with the style of the gui. But other than that looks great!!

oh wow, this is really nicely made I really like the rpg type gui that you find in really well made games, good job

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I like the First one " Start " alot

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