(Completed) Scheduled Forum Update (January 10, 2019)

Hey Developers,

Tomorrow, January 10th around 12:30 AM PST, we will be performing an update on the Developer Forum. This update is expected to take up to 24 hours to complete. (Update will be completed by January 11th around 12:30 AM PST)

During this update, the Developer Forum will still be fully available but might be operating slower than usual. Additionally, some images and avatars might be unavailable while we run the update.

We will update this thread when the maintenance is complete.

Thanks for your cooperation,

The Developer Relations Team


What can we expect the update to include? (if you are able to disclose it)


ah, okay, Thanks for the quick response!

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Noooo. I can’t fathom a day without my dev forum baby to read when I’m bored


Wow, a new DevFourm update! Can’t wait to see what else this update has to offer!

Quite excited! Can’t wait to see what rolls out.

Do not allow saving a category if child permissions are LESS restrictive than parent: Subcategories do not inherit permissions from parent category

Will this affect any abilities for new members to post in certain categories or am I misinterpreting what this is saying?

No impact to your ability to read or post on the Developer Forum. Though it will impact how content on the forum loads such as images and avatars throughout the 24 hour period.


Thank you for the clarification

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24 hours! That’s a beefy update


Can’t wait for the new update to release tomorrow. :grinning:

Me too!

We will see how it looks like!

Can’t wait to see what this update has to offer. :slight_smile:

The update has been completed, thank you all! :slight_smile: