Completely corrupted unions? (AKA, stop being lazy, roblox. Take out your garbage.)

I made a TON of unions in studio and noticed that upon publishing them, they have vanished in game.
And then I noticed, upon testing, if I copy and pasted the unions into a different instance of Studio, they completely vanish - invisible unions that delete themselves entirely when separated.

Currently these Unions are only valid in this instance of Studio, which I am now terrified of closing.

What do I do? Is there any way to recover this, or is this another bout of roblox’s incompetence wasting my time with pretty much 0 respect for it?


Unions are tricky things to use, which is why I typically only use them in some amounts, I had the same experience as you, I’d try to revert and see if it fixes it. But before reverting download a copy just in case.

These 2 posts should help you out:


I hope ROBLOX understands how like, insulting having to jump through this many hoops is.

I’m sure they don’t, though.


These topics pop up quite frequently but as @LuxEyes stated there are some solutions.

I don’t use unions anymore because of this glitch. I would recommend using MeshParts as an alternative. You can create these meshes using Blender. You can even convert any of your existing unions into meshes using Blender.

I think I managed to recover at least some of it. But really. If it’s IN there servers, clearly they have the proper union, THEY should provide an easier recovery method. Or a failsafe. It is just bad practice to have something that we can convolutedly recover, but that they could easily automate.

I am honestly tired of ROBLOX’s lack of attention to details in so many things. Sometimes I wish I never picked up this game, because it keeps luring me back in with promises and then crushing my dreams with their sheer incompetence in some departments.


Union corruption has affected me greatly and the lack of attention that Roblox gives union issues is unfathomable.

Unions were created to be more efficient, not set back development, and problems like these prove that Roblox should focus more on their current assets than future ones.


Hah. Yeah, it proves that. But ROBLOX has ALWAYS done this. I can’t think of a time when they didn’t shove themselves forward out of complete lack of care for maintaining what they have already created.

I remember once, when I was like 13. In 2013. I posted a thread on the good ol’ forums saying I found a glitch that made it so Head meshes could not be given a Material, and it was messing up making statues. Against all the odds, someone from ROBLOX, I want to say Shedletsky or… Stickmasterluke? Does he work for roblox? I digress, someone who worked for roblox came into my game, asked me where the problem was, and then went “hmm yeah that’s an issue” and left.

Sure, it was a small, stupid problem. But funny how they couldn’t even be bothered to make head meshes use materials. And it shows their mindset, and how it has always been. Somewhere, internally, they refuse to make quality of life improvements or maintain their own code.

I mean think about it. Like, 90% of gear is currently broken due to r15 and such. They are literally selling, for real money, things that do literally nothing.

Do they take it off sale? Nah. Let them buy the broken gear, it’s fine.


Were these made with CSGv2 or did you manually switch back to v1?

This is also good evidence of why you should always back up your work, especially when dealing with unions. I’ve only had this issue personally with v1 though.

I typically Copy+Paste before I union, saves me an exact record. But, against better judgement, I assumed that ROBLOX had stabilized their system over the course of what, how many years has it been since CSG came out? Hah, last time I put trust into roblox maintaining any quality. I should have let that dream die ages ago.

I haven’t done anything in studio, so I can only assumee if CSGv2 is default, that is what I am using.

Fair enough. Definitely not the first time it’s happened. I’d just record your experience on one of the bug threads about it and try some of the techniques in the topics that LuxEyes linked to. It’s a pain, but it’s what we’ve got to work with at the moment.

As others suggested, perhaps using Blender and creating meshes will help. If you’re not familiar with the tools then even just exporting your unions as meshes and then uploading them back into Studio gives you a more stable version with a backup on your computer and the added bonus of additional level of detail (LOD) controls.

Yeah I managed to recover one of the important ones with this. Most of the others were just like… Cylinders I cut in half or something.
I am just glad it did not corrupt any previously made unions, or my entire game would have literally gone down the drain.

I still feel betrayed by roblox, but honestly, I think I get that feeling once a week these days so I’m getting used to it. Thanks for the help, fellas.


I have a similar problem, I have a old-ish place of which has every union unusable, can’t union them, negate them or seperate them, upon doing so they just dissapear, but reloading the place still shows them , and the physics still apply to them. How can I use these unions?

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