Completely mechanical suspension and steering

you may have asked yourself, why isn’t there mechanical steering on roblox? well this is the answer:

here’s the full steering car:

and here’s the simpler, less effective, but more stable steering car:

if you have any questions i will gladly answer them, and if you improve my design please let me know because it can be improved.

also a quick thanks to the roblox dev team, the new physics and cylinders are really well done and without all of it this wouldn’t be able to work. you guys are really under-appreciated by the community and you deserve more respect. thanks again.


Please make us a game where we can drive around in your cars. c:

here’s a disused ebr track build with the doped down cars in it.

im still testing the full steering ones

Super cool!

Yes, this is the kind of thing I was talking about. Nicely done.

You should add more cars on the track, I went to a bigger server and they were all gone!

Really impressive. I do find them really hard to steer though. Am I missing something?

the cars at the track only have semi steering. i have no track where theres full steering cars yet.

pls fix? :smiley:

im rebuilding the entire mechanism to simplify it as we speak

an update:

i have fully clad the body to protect suspension components and to add some sprung weight to get some better handling. torque has been increased to 7. the steering mechanism has been revised for reliability and durability at the cost of articulation. without ball joints proper steering is unfortunately impossible without a front solid axle.

at the rear an anti swaybar has been added to reduce rear end jounce and make the chassis more predictable. it’s grouped individually and can be easily removed if you please.

if you think the turning circle is too large it can be shrunk slightly be removing the model named “steering stabilizer”. i don’t recommend it.

it looks pretty nice and the new roblox colors are great. needs more oranges though. ive added them to the track:

This may be the coolest thing I’ve seen on ROBLOX in a long while! Amazing job!

Little bit of an issue… I was able to do a full lap yesterday with no issues, but after your update, I’m having a lot of trouble.
I have completed about three quarters of a lap now, and this has happened for like the 7th time:

Fix pls? :c

Wouldnt move at all

EBR race chassis plz :open_mouth: !!!


[size=1]i promise ;([/size]

the new cars are indeed very fragile. ill be adding some solid axle versions to make them more durable. rear end will remain independent.

Amazing thanks for it, I start thinking about a cool design :slight_smile: !

update! the cars are now not as fragile as glass!!

heres the new file:

heres the updated place:

thanks for the feedback!

That is correct. They are now rock solid. They are also anchored. :<