Completely unknown error?

I have this error popping up in my game after I finish buying something from the shop menu I made, and this errors come up in the console and causes my characters camera to not reset:
I have no custom playermodule, so this is the default one from ROBLOX that’s causing an error. I have zero clue why. Please help ;-;

Do you have any scripts that change the camera in any way?

I do yes, but all it does is change from Custom to Scriptable and vice versa when its done. It doesn’t change any CFrame values.

Could you maybe try disabiling thoses scripts and checking if the error persists?

After trying what you suggested, the error still persists.

Can you send the code for the shop buying?

Have you changed the RunContext of the script to anything other than Legacy? I’ve had a similar error that stemmed from requiring modules from a script with the RunContext set to Server or Client. If you are, try setting it back to Legacy and see if the error persists.

I ended up finding the fix, the forked version of the PlayerModule I was using was outdated, when I updated it to the new version it fixed itself.

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