'Components' and 'Locations' are un-helpful on the status page

This is similar to multiple other feature requests. However, those requests focus mainly on how the page isn’t automatically updated, which is not the point of this feature-request.

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to determine the impact of an outage on my Roblox experiences. As of right now, we have multiple different ‘components’ as well as ‘locations’ to help us determine whether our experiences may or may not be affected by an outage. So let’s look at this page during an outage and reflect:

Oh my! An outage, I better scroll down to see if my experience is affected!

“That must be a pretty severe game join issue to the point that it apparently affects not only the ‘game join’ location but also the ‘asset delivery’, ‘data store’, ‘talent’, ‘documentation’, and ‘forum’ locations!!!”

Obviously, looking at the above screenshot these ‘locations’ are obviously not all affected and in-theory, if it is just a ‘game-join issue’ only the ‘game-join’ option should be marked as ‘service disruption’. However, all of them are set as ‘service disruption’, making the issue look way worse at a glance.

Now, you may be assuming that Roblox simply doesn’t know what is affected. Look, they eventually changed the statuses to be more granular!

However, the issue is that most developers will be checking the status site immediately when they see Roblox starting to crumble, not 30 minutes later when Roblox has had time to investigate further and implement ‘more granular’ statuses (assuming they even do that, most past incidents never received this treatment).

If this is truly the case and Roblox simply isn’t aware of the impact, there needs to be a way for developers to know that certain aspects have not yet been confirmed to be affected and that the team is still investigating so that we can wait for an official update at a later time rather than panicing about our game dying due to everything being down.

I also just wish to comment on the above ‘granular status change’. This creates more confusion, “why is ‘avatar’ down if it’s just a game-join issue?”, for example. There is no explanation on why each location is affected and, therefore, no way for developers to temporarily mitigate issues, if even applicable.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to determine an outage’s impact on my Roblox experience at a glance without having to experiment myself.


I agree that Roblox should provide us, as developers, with more specific information whenever there is an outage, as it might be related to just one problem occurring within the corporation’s product.

Furthermore, regarding the need for a clear indication that certain elements have not yet been confirmed to be affected, I strongly believe that a pinned message from a Roblox Developer Relations worker and/or engineer on the DevForum or Roblox Status website would be sufficient to alleviate the concerns of Roblox developers about their games or profiles being impacted.

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I agree a lot with this as well. Information like this can be very useful in multiple ways, however until this is added, you’ll have to do some searching to pinpoint the issues.

During the current outage, it’s simply an asset delivery issue, which was easily guessed by going to the assetdelivery.roblox.com page.

Displays the “horrifying” image that all Roblox users know about by now.

However if it becomes an outage where data loss can occur, etc., it’s very hard to figure that out, and can easily effect multiple games across the whole platform.

I also agree with the post @JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX posted, things like this would definitely clear minds of worries about impacts to games and profiles.

So yes, this should be a feature. There is no denying that what so ever.


first off, the status page is not in real time, so why are you relying on that? (source: I was playing with my friend ALbaraa on the game Ragdoll Testing by @ARTFVL and the chat filter broke and the status page still says it’s still operational despite saying “updated a few seconds ago” and it’s been hours and still not posted to the status page)

though I kind of agree with this feature request despite the status page not being in real time

This is actually a legacy thing, the ‘making things more awesome’ image has been hosted on the main-page of the assetdelivery endpoint for months, it seems to have only recently been reverted. The only way to determine that this endpoint was down was to request specific assets and retrieve the status-code of the response.

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Honestly a webpage that shows which API URLs are up would be more useful sometimes. Just something that pokes e.g. assetdelivery.roblox.com and turns green or red if it responds appropriately or not. This would be faster and more accurate and honestly easier for an experienced developer to guess what is affected than the current manually updated status page. Roblox can just go in later to add extra information on top.