Components of a healer class?

The title explains it all, i want to make a healer class, but i dont want to make it rely on other players in order to survive, basically like a class that can do well on its own but better with a team.

Well, the primary component of a healer is the ability to heal.
So that should be added.
It depends if its a fantasy game or a gun-type game.
If it’s the former, then they should probably be equipped with some kind of dagger or some other weapon which doesnt seem too bulky.
If its the latter, typically I see secondary weapons such as pistols used.

i’ven thinking the ability for the calss to heal itself, this depending on damage dealt to enemies.

but i’ven thinking about a freezing attack to slowdown enemies, a bit more on the support side

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Low attack power, average health, high range, low speed, low defense, can heal (obviously), a bunch of defense (maybe some offense) support abilities, “self defense” abilities so the class can stand its ground.
“Self defense” ability example: “Thorny shield” applies shield to self which redirects 50% of damage dealt back to attacker.

Wow, thats actually really good, thanks man

“Freezing attack to slowdown enemies”

At this point just name it a support class instead of healer, as to support themselves and the team. It wouldn’t make sense for a “healer” to stun enemies

Yeah, i might just do that, do you have any other recommendations?

I think the healer or ‘Doctor’ should be able to heal their teammates faster, and theirself slightly slower or not much at all. And then the healer could poison enemies so they can defend theirself a little.

Have you tried making your healer a “support mage” instead? This way you can have a logic behind using magic power and you can also concentrate on healing
also, I know it may sound weird, but something related to “Priest”, some games use this name. You can also use names like “Witch” but maybe add something before or after that, like “Witchdoctor”

Yeah, im doing a mage, different spells, different combinations