"Compose it out Swing" Composition

Sticking to my two previous topics ("Cadence Beat Swing" Composition), ("Swingy" Composition), I have been experimenting with different genres and sounds. I’ve been told that this one seems to have more of that “jazz” form to it which is each instrument having a solo and the rhythm instruments backing it up by playing the same thing over and over.

Let me know what you think about the sound and what genre this would best fit!


I like this a lot! It really gives me a pumped up energetic feeling. What software did you make this in?

I scored everything in MuseScore and then mixed it all using Logic Pro!

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Hello @AnimalBot99, While jazz consists of solo’s and rhythm. The most important foundation of jazz is Feeling. The feeling inside yourself needs to play the instrument, there are no wrong notes or chords because each one has a dynamic to another. Instead of laying out each note in MuseScore try creating something with a piano or just your keyboard and then mixing that with Logic Pro.

Take 5 by Dave Brubeck (Listen to feeling and try tapping along): Dave Brubeck - Take Five - YouTube

Look forward to your next piece with some inspiration from this post.

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