Composed a short music theme while waiting for Roblox to restart their servers

Some people are probably going to hate me for using the Mod tracker format to compose this short tune but to be honest I didn’t have anything else to do so I did it anyway.

This is actually an “extension” to a track that I am not done with yet so most of the samples are based off that other song. I simply called it “BORED” because I was bored.

So here’s my short piece I guess.

NOTE: Composing is not my main thing that I do even outside of Roblox but it is my hobby for now as I gained experience from self-taught (Just pls don’t look at my older ones).

Thx for reading/listening, feedback appreciated.


Very cool! You did a good job with this :grinning:

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Its a nice little tune. I am not hating you. We are all borred because whats happend with the roblox servers.

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I like the sound & vibe the music gives off. Also the program makes me think of those music box sheets that you cut holes in to make the box play specific pitches.

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your music is great, I’m terrible at music making, but still 20/10

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