Computer GUI Text Display Question

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What do you want to achieve?

I would like to have a text GUI similar to how hacking computers in Entry Point is, where after finishing interacting with a computer it would display GUI and text showing some code for what I assume immersion purposes. I wish to have some sense of where to look to achieve a similar result.

Reference photo

What solutions have you tried so far?

I tried text wrapping, scaling the text to the point where it is unreadable, however it isn’t the same result as I wish to have. If anyone is able to point me into the direction to get a similar result, that would be what I need to attempt

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This seems more like UI support vs scripting support

Oh, I must’ve missed that category option.

Use newline in a script. It creates new lines of text. Example: ”This text will line break\nline break epic”

I’ll try that right now and see if it works. Thanks for the advice.

Yep, it works. Thanks for the help! I’ll read more into the API manual about the string newline stuff.