Concatenate intvalues and string in one TextLabel

I want to write 2 intValue and a String beetwen in a labelText.

textStats = script.Parent
local harvest = game.Players.LocalPlayer.folder.Harvest
local bag = game.Players.LocalPlayer.folder.Bag
while true do
	harvestString = tostring(harvest.Value)
	bagString = tostring(bag.Value)
	textStats.Text = harvestString, " / ", bagString ( Line underline in orange )
	print(harvestString, " / ", bagString)

In my textLabel only harvestString is write but in the output thanks to the print, it write correctly

I search solution everywhere but i find nothing.

What’s the error in the output, if there is any?

not had error just not write all the line

Use .. to concatenate strings: harvestString .. " / " .. bagString


Thanks you so much it’s working fine @bytechan

As an add-on:

  • .. needs to be used to separate actual strings (can not be a number, bool or data value. Use tostring(value) if you want to add a bool, number or data value to a string) when assigning strings to e.g. TextLabel.Text
  • , can be used to separate strings, bools, numbers and whatnot when using print() (separates and adds one space inbetween e.g. print("cow","milk") would print > cow milk )

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For more advanced users, you can use string.format. Basic usage would look like this:

textStats.Text = string.format("%s / %s", harvestString, bagString)

Simply enter the text you’d like to display, with %s in place of your variables. You then specify the variables - in order - as the parameters.

This essentially allows you to create template strings. If you care about micro-optimisations, I believe string.format is also quicker than concatenation.

Read more about this on the Developer Hub: