Concatenation issue? (likely a Roblox issue)

Hi guys, there has been an issue in our game which involves concatenating some client stats.

The issue revolves around the fact that the code is accurate and how it should be

local fps = tostring(round(1/elapsed,0))
local memory = tostring((game:GetService("Stats"):GetTotalMemoryUsageMb() > 1000 and round(game:GetService("Stats"):GetTotalMemoryUsageMb(),0)/1000 or round(game:GetService("Stats"):GetTotalMemoryUsageMb(),0))) .. (game:GetService("Stats"):GetTotalMemoryUsageMb() > 1000 and " GB" or " MB")
local beat = Conductor.Beat
local step = Conductor.Step
ui.Stats.Label.Text = `FPS: {fps}\nMemory: {memory}\nBeat: {beat}\nStep: {step}\nBPM: {bpm}`
-- beat is a global variable and is a number.

And yet, it still is writing the label inaccurately.

For reference, adding a logging breakpoint fps, memory, beat, step proves that the variables are correctly set in memory, as shown here;

Iā€™d appreciate any help.

Edit: The issue does not occur in a different game with the same exact script, it appears as it only happens in the one specific game.

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The issue was resolved and a bug report will be opened in the near future regarding this.
AutoLocalize was the issue for whatever reason.

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