Concept Art For Horror Survival Game

Hey guys thought I’d share some concepts for my new game. Everything is rendered in Roblox. Using the new skinned mesh and PBR material functions. This allows for fully professional characters with full facial animations.The games is going to be a Survival Horror, with stealth, platforming and puzzle elements.


You play as a Flibbit in the game a small delicious chicken like creature, trapped in a terrifying factory farm which you have to escape.

An Alarmed Flibbit

A Happy Flibbit

—Flibbit Elder—

Flibbit Shaman Concept art.

—Pale Horse Farms—

A large manufacturing facility concerned with the breeding and processing of Flibbits.


Actually very nice looking. Nice creations.


Wow :exploding_head:

The Flibbit Shaman model is very detailed, and the lighting in the map is super eerie. Fantastic work!