Concept game about Bionic Robloxians

Hey guys. Im looking for some feedback on my game,

There are no thumbnails on it yet, but should I continue on it?

Thanks, ~Chargedcoil

Hello, the game is pretty well made, even though there was a couple game breaking bugs; i spawned on top of the spawn place:

and my camera bugged out a certain point in the game. Alot of the parts i look at are colliding with other parts, here is an example: Bug2 You should defenitly continue to work on it as the idea is great (I would recommend actually gettting the basic stuff done before posting to the DevForums). Aside from the things i pointed out i really enjoyed it; until i was stuck of course. The building is looking good aswell!

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That is really suprising, as I had spawned in atleast a thousand times and this had never happened to me. Is there a way you can replicate it?

I simply just loaded in the tutorial and spawned there. It only happened once of the 3 times i joined the game though. Perhaps it was a ROBLOX bug?

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I might have to make the ceiling noncollidable as a failsafe. Did you manage to complete the tutorial?

Really unique and the power-box charge up mechanic was pretty cool, I would like to see how that would be used in different levels.

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No, i will later though. I am quite busy at the moment.