[CONCEPT] New Roblox Studio UI - Introducing more features


Hey everyone! I am Kostis, a UI Designer, introducing the new, modern, and compact Roblox Studio UI Design. In this design, you will also be able to observe, features unseen before. These include:

  • :clock11: Friend Activity, and the ability to join your shared projects DIRECTLY from the starter page!

  • :hourglass_flowing_sand: Ability to Quickly Upload assets to your group, or to your library, using the Quick Upload option!


As seen, below, the new UI is looking, in my opinion, more modern and unique than the one we are used to.

UI Screenshots

As you may have noticed, the welcome message and the friend activity gives a more welcoming feel to the client/developer. Apart from being able to track your friend’s activity, you can also join them in Studio, if they have shared their project with you, or join a group creation, if you are involved in the development team! :female_detective:

About the Quick Upload section

Amongst the usual features someone would recommend adding to a new Roblox studio software, I am presenting you the unique idea of Quick Upload. :gift: By using, Quick upload, you can save on :clock1030: time:, question: and confusion, as you can upload all kinds of assets, in just one place (decals, audio, etc.), including Robux fee information when uploading sounds. And most importantly, you don’t have to switch over to the ugly and outdated library UI! :joy:


I sincerely hoped you liked my creation, as I spent hours trying to create it, after lots of failed attempts, and here I am presenting you with the final product. Please note that this is just a CONCEPT and is nothing that we will ever see come to Roblox in the near of far fetched future.

Have a nice day, :sun_with_face:

Credits to @rekillhd for being my good scripter friend and Badcc for not being. Cya!


OMG. I wish this WAS in roblox studio right now


Well, I am definitely looking forward to see what you can present!

Click the arrow where it says UI screenshots to expand. :slight_smile:

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Roblox studio in the future! :eyes:

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Yessir :smirk: I was pretty hyped for that layout till I realised it will never come to life, lol.

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I’d have to say I personally don’t like it.

Heres some of the things I dislike about it

  • The color theme

Modern day roblox UIs for developers is sticking to a nice darkmode theme, darker than what you have provided here. Ex: https://create.roblox.com/creations

  • The topbar buttons

The current button layout you have there I personally don’t agree with. The method roblox took is doing the slider method, Its a lot cleaner and 10x easier to add a new button if needed

  • The lack of Icons

If you look anywhere roblox loves making new icons for each page. I don’t see why these two pages would be excluded.

  • Average player functionality

Now what I mean by this is you have the main home page set up for developers. Not all users on roblox are developers which is why roblox has the main page setup how it is.

In future roblox UIs they are using features they made to there advantage and I don’t see much of that being used here. Honestly I don’t like it and it could just be the colors selected but only builderman knows.
Hopefully my thoughts set you in a different perspective on how you can improve the UI design.
Good luck

– Silly