[Concept] Redesigned Roblox Logos (Based on new Studio logo)

I recently saw the chance for a redesign of the current Roblox logos, and decided to take it and actually redesign them.

These are based on the new Studio logo, by the way.

Red Variant

White Variant
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Bright Red Variant
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Please feel free to let me know what you think :smiley:


This is exactly the same as the studio logo just in a different color.

I personally don’t like this as much as the current one because it would dilute the meaning of the studio logo. They chose the style for the studio logo because it’s supposed to look like an “S” for Studio. If the main logo was an S it’d make no sense.

Additionally, since the only difference is the rounded edges and color, which contradicts the “blox” portion in the name “Roblox”, there is no obvious difference between what is Roblox Player and what is Roblox Studio which would make things very confusing.

I commend your effort and they look great! I just think your concept lacks practicality.


Looks cool! Although it’s a bit to close to the studio logo the normal and studio logo they normally have a difference but other than that it’s very good.

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Not bad however the slice on the studio logo is suppose to be a s (yes i know but that’s what roblox says) so it being there makes no sense. and it being removed just makes it look the same.
So you need to spice up the design a bit so they don’t get confused.

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I like the first one, however I think the white one should have more of a gradient, rather than just being block colouring.

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GRADIENT. FLAT. The new Roblox Studio logo has that while this does not.