Concerns about a recent FFlag, AbuseReportScreenshot

I’ve posted this on Game Design Support thinking I may need to design my developmental tools around this FFlag.

Roblox has been rolling out a feature A/B testing that seems that your game will take a screenshot to include with a Report Abuse page.

They just recently increased the A/B testing value to 50% 3 days ago.


There hadn’t been any updates about what Roblox moderation’s team may be looking for in these screenshots included with users ReportAbuse’s.

I’m specifically concerned about if I feel the need to report someone for their inappropriate actions that a Roblox moderator may see my developmental GUI’s such as Adonis dex or a remote event listener.

Do Roblox moderators get a note included with my Report Abuse that I have edit access to the game to prevent this confusion?

Would I need to edit any of the provided tools to be sure staff can make sure that I’m just developing in my game in production?

Would I need to close anything that could be visibly dangerous before submitting a report abuse?

This just pushes me off of wanting to report anyone in-game anymore for inappropriate actions for fears that Roblox moderation may moderate me even though it’s tools for me.

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does this take a screenshot of your game or your entire screen (including taskbar and stuff)
i feel taking the entire screen is a bit invasive

It takes a screenshot of your roblox application (as seen in the image attached)