Concerns About DevEx Eligibility After Recent Warnings and Ban (need advice desperately!)

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share some recent issues I’ve had with my Roblox account and get some advice. Over the past year, I’ve received two warnings and a one-day ban. The first warning was last year for uploading an image that was considered too gory for Roblox. The second warning came a couple of days ago for spamming, although I don’t believe I was actually spamming. Additionally, I received a one-day ban two months ago for supposedly asking for private identifiable information, which I think was a misunderstanding. I did appeal the ban, but it was denied as expected.

My main concern is whether these incidents will impact my eligibility for DevEx. I’ve carefully reviewed the DevEx Terms of Service and all the guidelines, but I’m still worried that I might be denied the chance to DevEx, especially since this is my first time attempting it. Has anyone been in a similar situation or can provide any insight into how these warnings and the ban might affect my DevEx eligibility? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

The DevEx FAQ states that requests may be denied for any of the following:

  • Failure to complete registration/submit tax forms on the DevEx portal within 1 week
  • Insufficient Earned Robux (Please review DevEx Terms of Use)
  • Terms of Use violations including but not limited to:
  • Scamming
  • Account Theft
  • Attempting to exchange Robux for real currency other than through DevEx
  • Other suspicious activity that is used to exploit other Roblox users or Roblox feature
  • Any illegal or unethical activities

The text in Preformatted text is the one’s i’m worried about due to my moderation history that I have mentioned.

Hello 0ofov, it’s great that you’ve reached out because I was asking myself the same exact thing just a few days ago.
Short answer: not really (but it can happen). I asked Roblox support and, while they didn’t directly answer my question, I can tell you that I have been accepted onto the program even while having two past warnings and one 7-day ban. So, depending on what led Roblox to issue the punishments in your case, chances are your eligibility is not going to be affected all that much.
I recommend that you attempt to send a DevEx request, and see what they respond to you. If you get denied, you’re going to know it.

Good luck on the process!

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Thanks :blush: this advice really helped me out!