We are collaborately developing am RPGMMO on ROBLOX. It is historical and called 1867.

For this purpose we need to make our own VICTORIAN RTHRO avatars.
I cannot find ANY clear and concise turorial to achieve this. I found out some things by ‘fiddling about’
Managed to model some in blender, import mesh to roblox studio (replacing parts in the standard RTHRO avatar, some stuff works, some does not, and basically I cannot understand what I am doing, an why… so I am not getting anywhere on this!
Any suggestions?


There really doesn’t seem to be any good, clear, up-to-date source for doing this. Would be great if someone in the know could write a guide, though I suspect this pipeline is likely to change once skinned avatars are introduced.


There’s a wiki page dedicated to this topic that should be quite useful. If you haven’t seen it you can read it here:

The article goes through the requirements and expectations (Such as naming conventions of joints and attachments) It may take a few iterations of reading to understand it and be able to import everything correctly but this is --In my experience-- the most accurate and up to date guide.


Yes, this is the article that got me started on this in the first place. But I am an experienced builder and modeler, but totally new to character creation. So many things in this article are hard to follow.

skinned avatars? wow you got me scared here

@Xoqex you are probably right, I should follow this tutorial. Maybe you can help. Here is the first steps I fail. I downloaded the RTHRO rigged character, and used the avatar importer to import it to studio. This works perfectly. Now ideally I would want to edit it in blender , so for testing I import the fbx to blender, then export it as fbx again. But this is were I am stuck right from the start.
-what are the right export settings for blender? (illustrated like this please;)FBXexport
-I get this error message:unable
so what to do ?
then there is this section in the tutorial:’’ If you are exporting textures as embedded media, set the Path Mode to Copy and click the box to its right so it looks like a paper is popping out. Note that this only works for binary FBX exports, not ASCII. ‘’
were do I do that in blender 2.8 ?
Maybe this topic can be very useful, as with the help of the brighter devs we can work through this tutorial in a way that folks with an average brain can understand;)