Concorde - X Project | Redoing some unions

I spend the entire 5 months redoing some of the unions that SmoothingAngles tends to fail on some parts. Keep Note Weird shadowings from smoothing angles from 35.

Keying Developments:

Unions & resmoothing

Nose/Visor positioning

Looking for feedback.

Any tips or improvements are always gratefully needed.

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Was that made in Blender? It looks very smooth and clean, can’t wait to see the finished project!

This was made in the studio, and there’s are many things to be completed.

The next step for you would be to learn Blender. I’m imagining that those Unions will have SO many extra tris in them.
Learning Blender isn’t too much harder than using Studio. There are many helpful tutorials and so many more tools to choose from.
I used it first off to make the fuselage for my previously Unioned WWII Corsair. Curved Unions kept tweaking their vertices by a few thousands of a stud whenever I added to or subtracted from them making alignment of the faces a pain. Learning Blender made it so much more clean, and much easier.

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