Concurrent player count statistics

As a Roblox developer, it is currently hard to determine what our player count was like at a specific hour, or on a specific day. What would be displayed is peak player count, lowest player count and average player count.

Right now I have a bot setup to log our player count for each hour. With the addition of this feature, it would allow us to read these stats in one contained place.


I actually suggested something similar to this last year which I still think would be a good addition to the dev stats! [Dev stats] Highest concurrent players

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Why would this data be useful? Average concurrent can also be easily derived PlayerCount / 60 * AveragePlaytime

Sure you can get average player count, but I’m more interested in peak and min player count. It allows us to see dips in player counts that would usually not happen.


Developer Stats needs help. We are trying to acquire the resources to make it happen, unfortunately it’s a huge project.