Concurrent player count very inaccurate on my game's new mobile game page

From what I can tell this bug started over a week ago when the new mobile game pages went live on iOS. For some reason I can only see this happening to my game, but the concurrent player display for all players when viewing in the mobile app is widely inaccurate from the real number:


This isn’t a one time bug occuring right after I shutdown the servers or something like that, it’s consistently been like this for a week straight, possibly longer. And when I look at other games to see if they’re having the same issue, their numbers are only off by what would be more expected by the normal update rate. Here’s Jailbreak for example


The number is still off by 1.3k, but not to the relative extent that my game is off.

From looking at the numbers in the developer stats, at a glance it seems that on mobile the number of pc players isn’t being added to the concurrent total.

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I have seen something similar to this. On PC, if you go to the home page and look at the games, their playing numbers are different depending upon where you view it, either on the home page or on the game’s description. Here is an example from jailbreak:

Game’s Description: 1
Homepage: 2

I am not aware of which is correct, the home page or the game’s description. For me, usually I see the differences off by way more than a couple thousand. This bug has been going on on PC for as long as I can remember.


That’s intended – tiles on desktop only show desktop player counts, the game page shows all platforms combined. It’s to make sure you see games sorted by desktop popularity rather than all platforms.