Confederacy of Independent Systems: Game Rules

The following rules apply to any game of the Confederacy of Independent System, and apply to any player. Players may have their money, tools or vehicles removed. Breaking any of these rules will result in a kick or ban.

1. Abide by the New Life Rule

  • Anyone being pursued by any kind of law enforcement or other public agency, shall be considered a new player if they die.
  • Law Enforcement Officers who attempt to arrest people after their death will be banned.

2. Do not exploit, use lag switch, or glitch

  • Any form of exploiting will result in an immediate permanent ban from the game. Glitching through walls or using a third-party software to cheat also fall under this rule.

3. Do not reset or disconnect while in action

  • Do not respawn or leave the game in order to avoid combat, while you are in a pursuit or as you are being arrested.

4. Abide by the Roblox ToS.

  • Abide by the platform’s rules, please report any rule breakers of the ToS by a roblox report.

These rules are subject to change. Last edit: March 30, 2020