Conference Center Showcase

Hey guys! I am showing my conference center right now. Please leave a review in the comments or :heart: it if you like it!

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Thank you for checking this out.


The build lacks good lighting and detail. I would add seats, rugs, or baseboards.

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For an empty room, it is really good. If you fill it with seats, it will be really good overall, currently, it is fine overall. It’s easy to make seat models, so you should easily make your room look even better. I don’t review lighting - as that’s not part of the building, so it can be both good or bad - that doesn’t matter for me, what matters, is the craft itself.

The room is vacant with little decoration, and you can improve on lighting, but overall the design is good.

Good, but align the wall lamps with the seat rows. More realistic and symmetrical.

This build would be amazing if there was more lighting and seats. Like what the other comments are pointing about. But all and all, it’s a pretty good build!