Configure Game Pass Page is Blank

Configure Game Pass Page is Blank

Happens to any Gamepass in any Game


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Thanks for reporting, we are looking into this!


Might this only affect a certain group of individuals? I’m a beta tester and I’m experiencing this. @RuizuKun_Dev is also a beta tester.

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Can reproduce, am beta tester, assuming that’s the issue

My friend isn’t a beta tester and is experiencing this issue

I’m having the same exact problem when trying to configure a badge.

Same problem. Tried loading the page in roblox studio in hopes of it somehow working. Nope.

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Same problem here. Earlier today there were some issues with placeholders not being replaced on homepage, maybe it is related?

I’m having this same issue. Had 2 friends test it too, doesn’t work for them either.

This issue is now fixed. Thank you for your patience.


Thanks for fixing the issue! :smiley:

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