Configure Place cancel/save buttons redirect differently

If I go to the page of my game, and then click the Configure Place button on the dropdown, I am taken to the configure page.

If I click Cancel, it always redirects me to the Develop page, even if I came to the configuration page from the page of my game.

If I click Save, it always redirects me back to the page of my game, even if I came to the config page from the Develop page.

I would assume that these buttons would at least have the same functionality when it comes to redirecting when clicked. I’m not sure why they go to different pages. Also I would assume that the expected behavior would be that they take the user back to the last page they were at. If I was on the page of my game, I don’t want to be redirected to the Develop page (and vice versa).


I agree this is very annoying for me as well.