Conflicting documentation regarding GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync on the Wiki

There are so many things wrong here, that I can’t really make sense of what’s happening here So, Pcall on fail returns false,Error. On success, it returns true,ResultsTuple If the box for return values were correct, then the return values of that Pcall in the code should be Success,CurrentInstance,Error,PlaceId,JobId If the code were correct, then errorMessage should have a value on success… which I suppose could be a blank string on success? But either way, that variable is undefined in the code example’s version of events If I were to intuitively guess what the values were, then the code should show Success,PlaceId,JobId as the results of the pcall…? Assuming that the box above is trying to show what the pcall results can be

I ran this in the console to show how the error message gets replaced with the results in a normal pcall, making it really weird that their example code and their results box show what they do