Confused on how to make an area noone else can see for ultimates

In my game there are ultimates, and if you land it, it will teleport you to a private area with you and the person you hit, the only problem is im unsure how to do this, i thought about just making a box and putting it 200 studs above so noone can see it, but if multiple people land an ultimate near eachother that could cause clipping, i know its possible to make a private area that noone else can see, and i assume you do something with the client but i just don’t know how to do it

anybody have any ideas?

I would suggest that you create the area locally for both “players” that is fighting. Then there is a few approaches to this, you could then do so no other players can see these two players, while in this state. You could also create this “place” in a grid, meaning that the more “private places” there is, it just adds to the grid. Think of it like placing blocks in minecraft next to each other.


Just teleport them far from the map, or just TP away the two characters from the rest of the people, and render the private area on both of their clients instead of on everyone else’s client.

I would suggest using math.random to spawn a box hundreds/thousands of studs out of the map and then just teleport the players to the parts inside the box you want them to spawn, I believe this is the easiest way of doing this