Confused on how to transfer moon animator camera effects into game

My friend makes his animations in Moon Animator, with this animation he makes impact frames by editing Color Correction and a highlight in the player
This is what it looks like in moon animator:
As a scripter, how would I transfer this into the main game? I know how to make the camera work but I am unsure how to have the change in highlight and color correction affect the players screen, is this something possible or do I have to do the color correction and highlight editing via scripting?

This may work, but don’t quote me on it.
If it doesn’t suit you, I would recommend creating a unique function for every animation in your game, and then calling that function via a dictionary lookup.

local dict = {
    ["swordslash"] = function(swordsman)
           -- effects code here and stuff


(code untested)
This way it’s super modular, easily allowing you to script your particle effects for each animation.
For more info on dictionaries, look here